By Marissa Parra

CHICAGO (CBS)– Chicago’s 11th police district is not only fighting crime and protecting the city this Christmas, officers are also delivering gifts to a grateful single dad.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus ditched the sleigh for a cop car, before beginning the march inside a West Garfield Park apartment building.

Their arms were brimming with gifts all for Aaron Hughes and his two boys.

He was just hoping for some laundry detergent for Christmas, he got that and a whole lot more.

He received toys, clothes, winter boots and something that wasn’t on the list.

“Wait, that’s an Xbox?” Hugheds’ 12-year-old son said.

“It was touching to see a young man grateful for what someone else did for him, and he was happy with whatever he had,” Officer Karita Tutwiler said.

Hughes said this is giving his sons more in life.

“It brings a sense of joy back to me,” he said. “That wasn’t there for quite some time.”