CHICAGO (CBS)– Cooler weather is giving exhausted firefighters in Australia a brief break, as they prepare for deadly wildfires to flare up again.

Catastrophic doesn’t even begin to describe the devastating impact on lives, homes and wildlife.

Insurance experts say the fires have caused at least $485 million in damage.

The Australian government announced an additional $1.4 billion toward the recovery effort.

At least 25 people have died.

An estimated half a billion creatures of all kinds died in the fires.

Rescuers are doing their best to care for these surviving koalas.

Many have burned feet, and there is a call for donations of material to make them mittens and blankets.

Donations can be made to organizations including the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Kangaroo Island Council and the Red Cross.

The fires have been strong, and so widespread, that the smoke from Australia showed up on satellite images over South America, more than 7,000 miles away.

The world is watching and helping with the effort to care for koalas rescued from the Australian fires.