By Mary Kay Kleist

CHICAGO (CBS) — The storm system on Saturday brought some impressive wind gusts – with winds whipping up to 55 mph at Soldier Field.

Maximum Wind Gusts: 01.11.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

High winds made for the high wave action.

There were two other components to the lake shore flooding we saw Saturday – high lake water levels in place, and with the mild weather trend, there is no ice on the lake.

A Lake Shore Flood Warning stays in place until 6 a.m. Sunday. Finally, winds relax throughout the morning hours.

Lakeshore Flood Watch: 01.11.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

As the storm center pulls away from us and heads to the upper Ohio valley, light snow showers and freezing drizzle taper off.

It is possible to see a tiny accumulation close to the lake.

Snowfall Tracker: 01.12.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

Clouds rule Sunday with seasonably chilly air in place.

Sunday Planner: 01.12.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

Mary Kay Kleist