CHICAGO (CBS) — A storm that whipped up powerful winds and created high waves on Lake Michigan has calmed down, after putting on an incredible show.

Maximum Wind Gusts: 01.11.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

Impressive wind gusts blew at up that blew at up to 55 mph on Saturday have died down significantly, with slight breezes now in the single digits. The waves on Lake Michigan were so high on Saturday, some of Chicago’s beaches were entirely swallowed up, but with the waves dying down, some of those beaches are starting to emerge again.

(Credit: CBS)

The snow itself wasn’t nearly as impressive.

Chicago got only about 2 inches of snow from the storm on Saturday, and could see a chance for some freezing drizzle and a few snowflakes Sunday night. There could be some minor accumulations of snow north of the city, likely less than an inch.

(Credit: CBS)

After spending all of Saturday focusing on clearing the city’s main streets, the Department of Streets and Sanitation has shifted its full fleet of snow plows to the city’s side streets.

It will be mostly cloudy on Sunday, with a seasonable high around 31.

A warmup is on the way at the start of the week, with a high around 39 on Monday and 45 on Tuesday.

(Credit: CBS)