By Mary Kay Kleist

CHICAGO (CBS) — Patchy drizzle will be seen in the Chicago area between midnight and daybreak Tuesday.

Temperatures are expected to rise into the mid-30s, and thus, the precipitation should fall as chilly rain sprinkles.

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Radar Tracker: 01.13.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

Fog increases after midnight, making for poor visibility for the early morning rush.

(Credit: CBS 2)

Around 7 to 8 a.m., the disturbance moves away from our region, drizzle tapers off, and fog lifts.

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Highs: 01.14.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

Above average highs are on tap for Tuesday, with a forecast high of 41. Temps will be running about 10 degrees above average.

Next 24 to 48 Hours: 01.14.20

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On Wednesday, another disturbance pulls light rain our way. Early in the morning rush, some freezing rain is possible due to the colder air in place. But again temps rise to the lower 40s during the day so mostly rain showers daytime.

We stay above average all week. But on the weekend, a plunge of cold air settles in for Sunday.

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High Temperatures: 01.13.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

And the Climate Prediction Center keeps us well below average next week.

Temperature Outlook: 01.13.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

Mary Kay Kleist