CHICAGO (CBS) — Wal-Mart acknowledged that one of its stores mishandled a portion of an $80,000 donation from the Chicago Bears’ Khalil Mack.

Mack donated that money to pay off about 300 layaways at a Wal-Mark store in Fort Pierce, Fla., CBS 12 reports. 

About $65,000 was used to cover the layaways, but USA Today reports, some employess benefitted from the remaining $15,000.

Walmart found the “transaction” was flawed, but employees didn’t “misuse” the donation, company spokesperson Delia Garcia  told USA Today.

It is unclear whether that money went to employees’ own layaway accounts or if they used the money to shop afterward.

Mack grew up in Fort Pierce and his foundation made the donation the help families around the holidays.

Walmart has since taken corrective action. A spokesperson told CBS 12 cannot comment further on what it called a personnel matter.