CHICAGO (CBS)– Teens riding the CTA found guns pointed in their faces.

Chicago police said armed robbers have targeted teens on the Red Line at least twice this month.

The latest incident took place at the State and Lake stop on Jan. 10.

Officers say armed men are walking right up to teens on the train, displaying a gun or telling them they have one and then taking their money.

Both incidents took place in the middle of the afternoon.

These crimes are the latest in a pattern of violence on the CTA CBS 2 has been tracking for well over a month now.

Police said extra officers are being assigned to the transit unit. The 200 officers on the team just got a 10-person boost last Sunday.

That’s in addition to the 40 men and women who were added to the transit unit over the summer.

CPD said that means there will now be about 60 to 70 officers dedicated to keeping an eye on the CTA every shift.

Some officers will even be riding the trains and visiting stops in their patrol areas.