By Ed Curran

CHICAGO (CBS) — Even a coating of snow can make for some slick spots, but our models remain pretty unimpressed by the snow we expect to see Thursday night and Friday morning.

Next 12 Hours: 01.30.20

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We’re expecting a dusting in some areas as we move into the early morning hours. Some snow in the air is possible for the Friday morning commute, followed by flurries during the day, a touch at night, and then improving weather.

Snowfall Tracker: 01.31.20

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Hour By Hour: 01.31.20

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Clouds on Saturday could part in spots for a peek at the sun late in the day. Temperatures take off on Sunday to threaten records, topping out at about 50 degrees and maybe even a little warmer.

Those warm temps will be accompanied by sunshine for Super Bowl Sunday (and Groundhog Day).

7-Day: 01.30.20

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If an advancing cold front behaves itself we’ll still be in the middle 40s for Monday with temps dropping into the 30s Tuesday. A storm system comes our way Tuesday that bears watching.

Temps may hang out just above freezing but we’ll have some blustery winds.