CHICAGO (CBS) —  A person in Indiana thought to have had the novel coronavirus has tested negative.

Earlier this week, a person was put in isolation in Porter County, Indiana as a precaution.

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According to the Porter County Health Department, the patient was screened on January 27. This person was “seeking medical attention and revealed a travel history and physical symptoms that met the established CDC criteria for novel coronavirus.

The patient was subsequently hospitalized but was eventually found not to have coronavirus and was released from the hospital.

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“The successful handling of this situation is attributable to the collaboration with local, state and federal agencies charged with preserving and protecting public health and safety,” according to a news release. “If and when a similar event develops, the same collaboration will be employed.”

The virus has sickened thousands in China and killed more than 200 people. Some major airlines, including Delta, American, Chicago-based United and British Airways, have cancelled all flights to China, a move the Trump administration is keeping a close eye on.

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