By Yolanda Perdomo, CBS Digital Producer

CHICAGO (CBS) — Get ready to laugh, cry, sing and maybe do some dancing in the aisles because Chicago Theatre Week is back!

(Credit: Chicago Theatre Week)

From Thursday, February 13 and going through February 23, theaters big and small will showcase the best live performances to hit stages in Chicago.

It all got started in 2013 and according to Deb Clapp, executive director of the League of Chicago Theatres, the goal of the celebration is to get people out to the theater, big fans and newbies, at a discount.

(Credit: Chicago Theatre Week)

“We hope that people will use the opportunity of discounted tickets to see a show at a theatre that they may not have experienced before, or that they might get out and see two or three or more shows over the course of the 10 days,” Clapp said.

She added “Chicago is unique in that we have so many different kinds of theatre happening all across the city.  Many people will find a theatre right in their own neighborhood.”

(Credit: Chicago Theatre Week)

Around 270 theatres in the area will participate with different kinds of live experiences for all ages. From dramas, to musicals, to comedies, dance performances, comedy and some indescribable kinds of performances (think Blue Man Group)  For people who haven’t gone to see a live theatrical performance, Clapp said there’s something for everyone.


“The performing arts are the only art form that requires an audience to actually be present in the making of it. Because we have so many different kinds of theatre in Chicago, they can choose how they want to take part.”

In other words, what do you want to get out of it?

(Credit: Chicago Theatre Week)

“Do they want to be uplifted or challenged?  Do they want to be entertained?  Do they want to laugh?  Do they want to have an emotional experience,” asked Clapp. “An audience member can find all of that by looking through what’s playing on any given night in Chicago.  Sometimes all in one show!”

There are close to 130 performances on stage during Chicago Theatre Week. Some of the theatres will have special events such as talk backs and receptions.

“I would recommend that people check in with the theatre after they have made their choices of plays to see what each theatre is offering,” Clapp noted.

(Credit; Chicago Theatre Week)

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