Police Say Suspect Has Been Charged, But Documents Have Not Yet Been FiledBy Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — Neighbors gathered in Chinatown Monday night to get answers and grieve following a shooting that left two men dead.

Meanwhile, a suspect was in custody with charging documents pending.

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Police were seen going door to door on Sunday after the double murder early that morning. On Monday night, candles, flowers, and a memorial for the victims were set up.

CBS 2 has obtained surveillance video of a man running from the scene of the double murder. Sources said he is the one who might be responsible for killing two men in a parking lot at Tan Court and Wells Street during a robbery.

“This kind of sent shockwaves through the community,” a neighbor said at a community meeting.

Neighbors gathered to hear police updates and grieve Sunday night.

Many learned that Huayi Bian, 36, and Weizhong Xiong, 38, were shot and killed.

“Devastated, angry – just terrible,” said Chris Huang.

Huang knew the victims, calling them hardworking fathers and calling the crime shocking.

“We kind of like just woke up to this. It’s like, whoa, it actually happened,” Huang said.

Police said the robbery took place at 2:13 a.m. as three people were in a car – the two victims and a 44-year-old woman who was one of their wives.

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Police earlier said the woman complied, but the two men immediately refused the robber’s demands.

The gunman fired shots, and the gunfire was overheard by nearby officers who ran toward the scene.

A source told CBS 2 the gunman took off west on China Place – making it to Archer Avenue. But he was caught 13 minutes later.

Police said the crime followed the gunman from the scene.

Chicago Police Deering (9th) District Cmdr. Don Jerome said there was “apparent blood on his shoes at that time.”

The news of the killings made headlines in China.

Meanwhile, police made a headline of their own at the meeting – announcing a 20-year-old man was charged with the murders.

“He has to face the law, but to us, it doesn’t change anything,” Huang said. “We’re heartbroken.”

While police have said they charged the killer, no formal charging documents have been filed. That could happen in the hours ahead.

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Meantime, a vigil for the victims is scheduled for Wednesday. Many are expected to attend.