By Charlie De Mar

DOLTON (CBS) — Cars sold at a recent auction could have been used in a crime.

Officials in south suburban Dolton are accusing a tow company of releasing cars meant to be stored as evidence in criminal investigation.

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The owner of the tow company says this is all politically motivated.

W and W Towing has contracts with nearly 20 police departments, including the Village of Dolton.

Early Walker, who owns the company, says he was awarded the contract in 2016, and he says he’s had issues with the village ever since. “It’s been straight hell,” he said, without elaborating.

Sources close to Dolton Village Hall say several cars that have been seized in various crimes and stored on the W & W  lot have gone missing.

Illinois State police looking into at least 2019 jeep, a Dodge Challenger and a 94 Jeep, but sources claim there are more.

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The 2019 Jeep was mistakenly sold at auction

Walker takes responsibilty for the Jeep but says he had the former police chief signed off to demolish the 94 Jeep.

In an email, Dolton police accused the towing company of stealing the  Challenger saying, “There was also a Dodge Challenger in his lot set for forfeiture that one of his “employees” stole and was fleeing from police in for several months and he never notified us.”

Walker says the Challenger isn’t missing.

“Everything else that was on the list has been accounted for,” said Walker. “I really don’t see the issue other than political attacks.”

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Charlie De Mar