CHICAGO (CBS)– A school in Chicago’s West Loop is making sure those in China and around the world whose lives are affected by the coronavirus know others care.

Students at the Intercultural Montessori Language School practiced a song they plan to send to Wuhan, China.

“The song is about praying for the people,” Ms. Xiang, a teacher at the school, said.

Many of these students here have been speaking Mandarin Chinese since they were three years old and feel a connection to those suffering and want to offer support.

“We want to encourage and help these people and help them fight through it,” Fifth grader Ellie Lang said.

Some students even have personal ties to Wuhan.

“My connection might be deeper because I have family and friends in Wuhan, it really makes me feel bad.  I think this song might inspire them to fight harder,” Sixth grader Alina Krieg said.

Once recorded, the song will be delivered to the Embassy of China in Chicago and passed along. The students will also record messages.

The students are also organizing a hot chocolate fundraiser that will be held on Feb 24 through the 28 in the lobby of the school. Proceeds will  go to sending masks to those in need.