CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago man has been charged with persuading a 16-year-old girl to send him sexually explicit of herself dancing nude, through a text messaging app.

Hugh Fowler, 62, has been arrested on a federal child pornography charge, and is due to appear in court on Tuesday.

Federal prosecutors said he used a text messaging app to chat with a 16-year-old girl in January 2019, and enticed her into sending at least two videos of herself dancing nude.

“I love to look at a fresh young body,” Fowler told the girl in one text message, according to the charges against Fowler. “I can’t stand old woman stretch marks, belly flab, flat stretched out breast & gray hair on p**** smh.”

According to the feds, Fowler sent her instructions for what to do in the videos, including how he wanted her to show off her genitalia, and to write letters from his first name on her body so he’d know it was really her. He also told her to hide her face.

“Use a bandana or handkerchief tie around your face just in case it get in the video,” he wrote, according to the charges. “If u send it right now I send the money tonight so don’t wait until tomorrow.”

Fowler sent the girl nearly $120 for the videos, according to the feds.

The feds said the girl told Fowler she was only 16 years old, but he told her he didn’t care. Prosecutors said Fowler also asked the girl to have a friend send him pictures of herself.

“I’m just saying what the age have to do with it? Nothing at all. S***, you 2 could been 12, you coulda been, it doesn’t matter. You coulda been 24. You coulda been 48. It don’t matter.”

Fowler faces 15 to 30 years in prison if convicted.