By Mike Puccinelli

CHICAGO (CBS) — A dog owner in River North is the latest person crying foul after his daily walk ended with a shock.

“In a split second he was spread eagle, all the way down, belly partly on the manhole cover, completely on the ground screaming,” Jeff Fines said about his 4-year-old dog Earl. “I had never heard him scream like that.”

Earl was screaming because he had just stepped on an electrified manhole cover. Fines, an engineer, says he knew it because of a tell-tale feeling.


“As soon as I grabbed him, I could feel electricity running through my body,” he said. “I knew what was happening.”

He knew what was happening because this isn’t the first time it’s happened recently in Chicago.

Another dog was severely injured just last month when it was shocked for as long as 10 minutes in Lakeview. And yet another suffered the same fate late last year when it put its bare paws on an electrified manhole.

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Fine said he fears a child could be next.

“When the current went through my body, I’m like 199 pounds, I can handle that. Imagine it’s a child, someone elderly, someone frail, someone who can’t handle it. It could’ve been far worse,” he said.

Earl has a blister on his paw and some burn marks on his belly, but he is doing fine.

But Fine says his Jack Russell terrier sustained those injuries in a second or two.

Fearing that it could have been much worse, he called 311, spoke with police and had a conversation with his alderman’s office.

“I want this to stop,” he said. “I want the city and construction companies and contractors to be aware of the dangers they pose to dogs and kids.”

CBS 2 reached out to the Chicago Department of Transportation and had not heard back by 5:15 p.m. Saturday.

Mike Puccinelli