CHICAGO (CBS) – The city that works, apparently doesn’t work very hard, according to a new study by Wallet Hub.

In order to determine which cities outwork the rest of America, WalletHub compared the 116 largest cities across 11 key metrics.

Chicago ranks 77th.  Mayor Richard Daley I came up with the “city that works’ slogan as a nod to its hard-working blue collar work ethic.

Among the metrics considered: Average workweek hours, employment rate, households where no adults work, unused vacation time, workers who are committed to their jobs, and youth who are in school or not working.  The study also considered so-called “indirect work factors,” such as commuting time and amount of daily leisure time.

Anchorage, Alaska, ranks as the hardest working city in the country, followed by San Francisco and Virginia Beach, Va.

The lowest rated city? Detroit.