CHICAGO (CBS) — A young woman who wanted to spend the rest of life helping people is the latest victim of gun violence in Chicago.

She was shot dead in a mass shooting that happened in broad daylight at 79th Street and Avalon Avenue.

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CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reported Wednesday from the University of Chicago Medical Center in Hyde Park, where four of the five victims were taken.

The victims include four teenagers and a 63-year-old man.

It was like something out of Iraq. That’s how witnesses described the mass shooting inside a convenience store late Tuesday afternoon. Five people were shot, including four teenagers.

One of them, Malcolm X freshman Jaya Beemon, didn’t survive after a bullet pierced her neck.

“All we know is our 18-year-old angel is gone,” said the victim’s aunt Alecha Beemon.

The nursing student’s life was taken in a matter of seconds. CBS 2 was able to review one of the numerous surveillance videos in the area. It shows three young men all trying to hide their identities walking across the parking lot and up to the front door of the business.

One opens the door and all three begin firing wildly inside. They then run through the parking lot, but at least one fires again because smoke can be seen coming from the façade of the business as it is struck by bullets.

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Police released surveillance video showing the suspects Wednesday evening. They are first seen looking in the door of the store, then backing up with guns drawn. Police asked that the public send information to

Police are still hunting for the killers.

“Justice for Jaya. That’s what we’re asking for. Justice for Jaya. Take that same energy, Chicago Police Department, take that same energy and find those vicious killers who savagely murdered my innocent niece,” said Tianna Beemon, the victim’s aunt.

The family believes some of the police department’s energy was inappropriately directed at Jaya’s mom. She rushed to the University of Chicago ER last night to check on her daughter and was overcome with emotion.

The family said the CPD and hospital officials treated Jaya’s mom like a criminal by taking her into custody and holding her for hours. She was charged battery and resisting arrest.

“They arrested my sister because she was yelling and fell to the floor,” said Tianna Beemon. “They felt that was inappropriate grieving. This is what CPD told us.”

The other four people are recovering in the hospital.

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