CHICAGO (CBS) — A season of newness begins for the Chicago Fire FC on Sunday.

They have a new name, new uniforms, almost a totally overhauled roster, and a new coach in Raphaël Wicky.

After six preseason games, Wicky and the squad are pumped to get the season going. They are on the road against the defending Major League Soccer champs, the Seattle Sounders.

“We’re all excited. I think we had a good preseason. I’m very happy with the way the team worked from day one on; the way they actually live together and work together; the culture. Obviously, it’s a long process. We’re still building our team. A lot of the new signings are not here yet, so our team is not complete. That’s the reality. That’s not a complaint. That’s just the reality,” Wicky said. “It’s going to be a great atmosphere – a full stadium I guess, and playing against the champions – very excited about that.”

Players were likewise psyched.

“It’s always a challenge to play away a game and to win,” added new forward Robert Beric. “I think we have a good team. We’ve had good preparation and I think we have a good chance to win.”

“It’s like the first day of school again,” said Midfielder and Lemont native Djordje Mihailovic. “Especially because MLS offseasons are so long and preseasons are a long time as well. Finally the first game is here and against the MLS Champions, too. It’s something amazing.”