By Tara Molina

CHICAGO (CBS) — James Holmes first made headlines – though not initially with his name – when he was believed to have been caught stealing a car on a doorbell video in unincorporated Wheaton.

Afterward, we heard from a woman who has an order of protection against Holmes. She said she fears for her life every day he spends free.

And on Thursday night, Holmes was still on the run.

CBS 2’s Tara Molina continues to investigate Holmes’ crimes. It turns out he is racking up more felony warrants in DuPage County.

There were two more warrants filed Thursday on charges that Holmes stole a credit card and used it. He is now wanted by at least five departments.

Thursday night marked two weeks since Holmes was caught on the doorbell camera at Kevin and Catie Sewell’s Wheaton home, stealing their Nissan Armada.

“He left it, and I think took another person’s car,” Catie Sewell said two weeks ago. “Crazy thinking back now.”

It turned out the crime spree he’s accused of spans cities, villages, and even counties.

He is wanted by at least five police and sheriff’s departments on charges involving drugs, domestic battery, aggravated domestic battery, vehicle theft, aggravated assault of an officer, driving with a revoked license – and now, on new charges filed in DuPage County Thursday of unlawful possession and use of a credit card.

“He needs to be caught,” said a woman who appeared in silhouette in our report last week. She is the one who has an emergency protection order against Holmes.

But the woman said Holmes has broken that order and has followed her, beaten her, destroyed her car, and threatened to kill her.

“I thought at that point in time, like, am I going to die?” the woman said.

It is something, we found, Holmes has done before.

In 2014, Holmes was arrested by Chicago Police for violating an order of protection a different woman had against him.

“What will he do next is the question, and he’s still out there,” the woman said.

This woman’s hope is that Holmes is brought in before any more charges are filed.

“He’s been in my presence more than three times and I’ve tried to report that. I’ve tried to help. I’ve tried to help,” she said in our report on Thursday of last week. “It’s always: ‘Call the police! Call the police!’ I’ve done that.”

She continued “I hear stories all the time where domestics, you know, and at that point in time, nothing is done. Someone’s shot or killed.”

On Thursday night, there were at least six warrants for Holmes’ arrest. Two of the three in DuPage County totaling $175,000.

Tara Molina