CHICAGO (CBS) — A fast-moving clipper system now moving into Iowa is headed our way.

A wintry mix develops after 3 a.m. and exits the area in the 8 a.m. hour.

Wednesday 5 a.m.: 03.03.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

Wednesday 8 a.m.: 03.03.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

Up to a quick inch of slushy accumulation is possible.

Snowfall Tracker: 03.03.20

(Credit: CBS 2)

Once the front passes, our winds become northwesterly and dry air moves into our area clearing the skies by afternoon.

Look for sunshine, and temperatures in the middle 40s for Wednesday.

Next 12 Hours: 03.03.20

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Northern Illinois sees a nice warmup on Thursday with a high that tops 50 degrees, which is about 10 degrees above the norm. It’ll be a mostly cloudy and breezy day with the slightest chance for a few sprinkles in the afternoon as colder air rushes in.

It leaves us with a cooler Friday with temps just about normal for this time of year, in the low 40s.

Also, it is Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Illinois. The Nashville tornadoes are a reminder that severe weather and tornadoes can happen anywhere, even in the heart of big cities.

Here in Chicago, we are NOT protected by large skyscrapers or by Lake Michigan. People need to stay informed, be prepared and have a plan in case severe weather threatens.

From CBS 2 Meteorologists Ed Curran and Mary Kay Kleist