CHICAGO (CBS) — For many brides and grooms, planning a wedding is an exciting, but stressful time – even under completely normal and typical circumstances.

But as CBS 2’s Jim Williams reported, weddings in March 2020 are being made even more nerve-wracking by the coronavirus.

Thursday was supposed to be a big day for Lara Mehrabian and her family.

“Today, my grandmother was supposed to arrive from Iran,” Mehrabian said, “but because of the coronavirus, flights to and from Iran have been postponed until a date we do not know yet.”

Mehrabian’s grandmother is an American citizen who lives in Chicago. She traveled to Iran to have a special veil made for Lara’s June 20 wedding.

Now, Mehrabian’s grandmother is stuck in Iran, and Mehrabian said she is “very nervous.”

“We wish she could be here,” she said.

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The coronavirus is making brides and grooms everywhere nervous. Wedding and event planner Beth Bernstein has clients who worry about their guests’ travel.

“They have a lot of people coming in from out of town,” Bernstein said. “They’re concerned there will be some travel impairments.”

Even wedding dresses are affected. Most wedding dresses sold in the United States are actually made in China, and because of the coronavirus, production has slowed.

Wedding planners are telling brides to buy early and expect delays.

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As to brides and grooms who are considering insurance policies because they fear the coronavirus might force them to cancel or postpone their wedding? Berstein tells them not to do it.

“If it is a tornado, if there is a government strike, things like that – that is a different story,” Bernstein said. “But fear is not something that any insurance company is going to say, ‘Yes, sure, OK.’”

As for Mehrabian, she is hoping fear diminishes and her grandmother can return home.

“We’re just calling her every day, hoping she’s OK, and praying for the best,” she said.