CHICAGO (CBS)– Chicago Footwork has been around the city for more than 30 years. And once you see it, you’ll be hooked.

Dancer Christopher Thomas said the dance tells “a story of young African American folks in poor living conditions using their art and creative mind against oppressive systems.”

At All That Jazz Chicago Studio in Morgan Park, students of all ages are stepping up to learn.

“Chicago Footwork is a culture thing passed down from generations,” Jaron Boyd said.

For Boyd, who goes by the dance name Prince Jron, practicing on the streets got him noticed. He got a call to do an audition and was taken to LA to perform with Madonna.

Madonna took Boyd and another Chicago dancer on a world tour back in 2008. The exposure helped crack the door for Chicago Footwork.

At one time the Bud Biliken parade was one of the only places to perform. Now, dance crews are teaching class around the world, showing up in commercials, movies and more.

Dancer Greg Weatherspy said growing up in an area with gang violence, dance saved his life.

This August people from around the world are planning to travel to the city for a Chicago Footwork Picnic.