Parent Was Not In Contact With Students Or Staff Aside From Own Family

CHICAGO (CBS) — A parent of a student at an Ogden East Elementary School on the Near North Side tested positive for coronavirus during a trip abroad, the school announced Tuesday night.

The parent did not enter any facility at Ogden East, at 24 W. Walton St., the school said.

The school does not believe the parent came into direct contact with any students or staff at the school, other than the parent’s own family members.

The Chicago Department of Public Health is not recommending closing the school over the secondary exposure.

The family members who had direct contact with the parent are under self-quarantine for the recommended 14 days.

As of Tuesday, a total of 19 cases of coronavirus had been confirmed in Illinois.

Correction: This story initally referenced the incorrect Ogden International School campus and has been corrected. The parent is part of the community at the Ogden East campus, not the Ogden Jenner campus.