CHICAGO (CBS) — As officials take precautions and urge social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, some first responders are saying, “What about us?”

As CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported, it is certainly an unusual time when you look around. The streets are a little emptier, and with seven new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday and a total of 32 across the state, more people are being asked to work from home to prevent the potential spread.

But Chicago police officers don’t have that luxury, and some officers are concerned over the lack of protection they’ve been given.

Police sources said so far, districts have been given an extremely limited amount of personal protection equipment – paper suits and gloves.

And for the new officers assigned to ride the Chicago Transit Authority for hours on end, Chicago Police Department sources say there is serious concern of exposure with little protection.

The union for CPD is demanding that:

• All officers be given personal protective equipment;
• All officers be given disinfecting wipes and sprays;
• The practice of swiping in and out to punch the clock be ended;
• Roll calls be ended to promote social distancing.

The Chicago Police Department said it plans on meeting face-to-face with the Fraternal Order of Police on Friday.

But in the meantime, they are working through their requests and trying to get additional hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes, but will come up with a more detailed plan on Friday.

Charlie De Mar