CHICAGO (CBS) — On Thursday, the CDC said everyone can get a COVID-19 test.

But people in Chicago said that’s not true.

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CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey reports there’s a lot we don’t know.

CBS 2 has been in touch with several Chicago residents who said they haven’t been able to set up tests, even with travel histories to countries with high exposure.

Terri Berrios and her husband got back from their 11-day Italian excursion on March 2. By the end of the week…

“My husband really started to get sick last Thursday,” said Berrios.

After his doctor ruled out the flu, they called the Illinois Department of Public Health. But CBS 2 was told their physician would have to order the test.

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The doctor tried calling Northwestern and then Terri and her husband followed up.

“We still haven’t heard from them,” said Terri Berrios.

They’ve tried other hospitals, 311 and even the Chicago Fire Department. All referred them to the hotline number where they had to leave a message.

Thursday on CBS This Morning, Vice President Mike Pence didn’t acknowledge a testing shortage. But said they’re focusing on getting tests to Washington State, New York and California.

“We’ve been flowing testing resources into those areas and we will continue to do that,” Pence said.

South Korea has tested more than 200,000. Italy has tested more than 60,000. But the most recent estimate for tests in the U.S. is just 7,700. Fewer than 400 of those were here in Illinois.

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CBS 2 found one urgent care clinic in Lakeview that’s administering the test.  But CBS 2 was told they have to send the results out to another lab. So a diagnosis is still a couple of days.

Megan Hickey