CHICAGO (CBS) — A doctor at Northwestern is telling patients to get plenty of vitamin C and D.

And immediately start taking some form of zinc. On Amazon, many popular types of zinc are sold out.  One box of 18 lozenges is selling for up to $120 but they wouldn’t be delivered until next month.

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Also drink plenty of water. In fact, if you can, sip on room temperature water every 15 minutes. I will keep your throat from getting dry and that offers protection, because the virus grows in dry places.

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And remember to wash your hands before you pick up your water bottle or have something to eat.

Many of us are using disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces. Experts say after you use wipes in the kitchen, rinse that area with clean water. Do not use cleaning wipes on dishes, glassware or utensils.

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And wear gloves while cleaning, or wash your hands after using the wipes and before you touch food.