By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — For some, it is the most terrifying thing they may hear: The phrase “you have cancer.”

Add COVID-19 to those health complications, and it could make for a terrifying stretch.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports.

The medically fragile are out on Chicago’s streets, many hidden from the average view.

But consider this view: The perspective of a cancer patient undergoing treatment.

Damian Kosydar hopes by May his tumor will shrink.

“I have stage two seminoma cancer. Chemotherapy makes your immune system weaker with coronavirus being as crazy as it is,” Kosydar. “It’s something that you want to take every precaution you can.”

The American Cancer Society said he’s one of an estimated 26,000 in Cook County battling the disease, one of nearly 72,000 in the state.

Executive director Michael Ziener said they’re adapting guidelines in real time for those fighting cancer, and the impact of the coronavirus, including getting screened for cancer.

“The recommendation would be no, unless it’s an absolute emergency,” said Ziener. “We are in very uncharted territory at this time.”

The suggestion those fighting cancer ask their doctors does the benefit of treatment outweigh the potential exposure to COVID-19?

“That would delay my therapy. Me delaying this is kinda out of the question,” said Kosydar.