By Mugo Odigwe

CHICAGO (CBS)– Out-of-work Americans and our economy need a jumpstart fast. The senate unanimously passed a $2 trillion aid bill Wednesday night.

The bill includes expanded jobless benefits, small business loans and direct payments to most Americans.

That depends on whether the IRS has your bank account information.

If they do, the treasury secretary says cash payments in the from of direct deposit could take as little as three weeks. But if not, it could take up to four months for paper checks.

Twenty one states have ordered nonessential businesses to close, which is causing a spike in unemployment. In Illinois, 64,000 people filed for unemployment in just three days.

The Illinois Department of Employment security website is malfunctioning due to high traffic.

The stimulus packages include a cash payment of up to $1200 for most working Americans, making up to $75,000 a year.

Double that for couples, and then an extra $500 for children.

The stimulus package also offers $600 dollars a week for those unemployed for four months.

The relief package also expands unemployment insurance from 26 to 39 weeks for most people.

And sets aside $500 billion dollars for small business loans.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding this stimulus. Specific qualifications and timing of all this has not been laid out.

The bill now to moves to the house. They’re expected to vote Saturday.

Then the president has to sign before and money can go out.