By Ed Curran

CHICAGO (CBS) — Some thunderstorms are expected tonight. Some could be severe, with large hail the main threat.

According to CBS 2 meteorologist Ed Curran, some areas may also experience heavy downpours. The biggest concern, however, is for Saturday afternoon and early evening as northern Illinois has the potential for significant severe weather.

(Credit: CBS)

The latest Storm Prediction Center forecast is out and continues to paint an ominous picture for northern Illinois for Saturday. There is severe weather threat and for the tornado risk in the area. The other threat is for very large hail.

(Credit: CBS)

Far northeast Illinois is at a slight risk. Farther south, the risk elevates to the east. To the southwest, including La Salle County the risk is moderate. That’s level four out of five levels.


The possibility of large, long-track tornadoes is highest to the southwest. These storms not only have the potential to be very dangerous but will also be very fast-moving.

It’s not out of the question that the threat level could be raised to HIGH on Saturday, given the dynamics in place and the high population density of the region.

(Credit: CBS)