CHICAGO (CBS) — When Gov. JB Pritzker shut down non-essential businesses for the stay-at-home order for the coronavirus pandemic, that included gyms.

But neighbors in Norwood Park told CBS 2 there is at least one gym that does not seem to have racked the weights. CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar went to check it out.

The nondescript gym at 6137 N. Northwest Hwy., called MBS 24-7 Fitness, is open 24 hours – but it should be shut down.

Neighbors say it’s not.

The neighbors, who have been obeying the state orders to stay at home, have proof that the-key swipe access pad has been busy.

De Mar asked a man outside the gym if it was closed for the shutdown. He first said no.

“It’s still open?” De Mar said.

“No, it’s closed,” the man said.

The windows at the gym are dark, and the sign says “closed.” Nobody picks up the phone.

But that apparently isn’t keeping people away MBS 24-7 Fitness.”

Neighbors started taking video and snapping pictures of people coming and going regularly from the gym, despite the state order to stay at home and shut down non-essential businesses like gyms.

“What kind of standard is that setting? What is that saying to our children?” one concerned neighbor said. “We tell them to obey authority and to do the right thing, and then there’s people who find it above the law and do that.”

The longtime neighborhood resident said she was surprised to see the access keycard still working, considering whom she sees as frequent customers.

“It’s very apparent that that a lot of police officers and firefighters both use the facilities, as well as other members of the community,” she said.

As recently as Tuesday morning, cellphone video from neighbors showed people entering the gym.

“They just went in! Are you effing kidding me?” a neighbor said on a video clip.

The gym is apparently bending iron, not the COVID-19 curve.

“So when I saw people walking in and out with their water jugs from my apartment, how does how does that make me feel,” the neighbor said.

On Tuesday afternoon, one man decided to end his workout before it began once we started asking questions.

CBS 2 reached out to several numbers for the gym with no response.

Charlie De Mar