By Yasmeen Hassan

CHICAGO (CBS)– With millions of Americans out of work, the need at food banks has nearly doubled overnight.

At the same time, the employees and volunteers there are having to adjust to ensure everyone stays healthy and obeys the social distancing rules.

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Normally, with the increase in demand, the Lakeview Pantry would increase the number of workers and volunteers. That isn’t possible right now.

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Instead, they have added more shifts, so people can work during different hours. Instead of allowing people to come inside and shop for food, they are now packing groceries to give to people.

To help with the increase in demand, some restaurants and stores that had to close down, have been donating food.

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As the stay at home order continues, so does the need. You can help by donating to the food pantry as well as volunteering.

Yasmeen Hassan