CHICAGO (CBS)– There’s another local distillery making hand sanitizer and getting it into the hands of people who really need it.

In one day, Two Eagles Distillery in Mount Prospect gave nearly 1,000 bottles to first responders.

The goals is now to get it to healthcare workers, people working in public works and any essential businesses that still need to operate.

Two Eagles Distillery is making is almost pure Alchohol, 80% by volume and the recipe is FDA approved.

The fermentation takes 10 days, then the distillery allows it to yeast for seven to 10 days and then strip it for alcohol.

Employees are working around the clock on shifts so they can practice social distancing. Right now, they’re packaging the sanitizer in 4 ounce bottles.

This is because their facility can only make 40 gallons of week.

Soon they’ll be able to make 4 to 5 times that because they are partnering with 1090 Brewing in Glenview. Another company has reached out to offer extra trucks to get supplies out.

Matthew Georgacakis-Nurre, the co-owner, said it’s been “hectic” due to the many requests for hospitals, nursing homes and police and fire departments.

Knowing how much demand there is for this, they have two ways you can help them continue to produce the sanitizer.

First, they’ve launched a GoFundMe page that already has raised over $19,000.

They also need some ingredients.