CHICAGO (CBS) — There’s no doubt: the coronavirus is bad, awful, tragic, horrible. Any of the above, plus more negative words, are appropriate; but there are some unintended silver linings.

CBS 2 Morning Insider Lauren Victory looks for the small positives during this pandemic.

Just another day, holed up at home for the greater good. We’re waging a war, but it’s not very action-packed. Social distancing might have you bored, or downright in the dumps, and for good reason.

“Pandemics are a time where we don’t feel a sense of control,” said clinical psychologist Dr. Brittany Lakin-Starr.

CBS 2 wanted to try a group exercise, using social media. We asked and you sent examples of quarantine silver linings: appreciation for a job, more time spent with grandchildren, and silly interruptions by animals.

Then there’s little Journey’s home adventure.

“We never really had that downtime, but now? No excuse, right?” Shequila Baker said. “And we actually found out, Journey is a good cook.”

From ingredients to instruments – Journey is also exploring guitar, with mom and grandma joining the band for the first time in years.

Also flexing musical muscles was an entire block in Oak Park, where front lawns are now stages for socially distant performances.

Lead singer Cathy Popick said her silver lining is quarantine karaoke, bringing her neighborhood closer together.

“Practicing gratitude, the research has shown has a great effect on mental health because it lowers stress hormone,” Lakin-Starr said.

Laughing is good medicine, too, but we know it’s not so easy for people struggling with bills and sick loved ones.

“Normally in times of grief, we want to reach out, we want to hug someone, we want someone just to sit with us and that’s hard when we’re sheltered in place, and that’s where technology is really critical,” Lakin-Starr said.

Connecting with nature is important, too. Maybe your bright spot is a breath of fresh air.

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Lauren Victory