CHICAGO (CBS) — Indiana reported its biggest single day increase in COVID-19 infections on Friday, while the number of deaths continues to rise at a rapid rate.  In Lake County, the number of Hoosiers who have died from the novel coronavirus has doubled in two days and now stands at 23 lives lost.

Across the state, the number of deaths rose to 300. State health officials reported just over 200 deaths two days ago.  That doesn’t mean 100 people have died in the past two days, but that those deaths are just now being reported to the state.The 568 new COVID-19 cases reported across the state on Friday represents the biggest increase in a single day so far.  In Lake County, there are now 576 residents suffering from COVID-19–the second highest number in the state. Porter County reports 95 cases and no deaths.

The Indianapolis area continues to be hardest hit. In Marion County, there are 2,600 COVID-19 cases and 107 reported deaths. Overall, the number of infections stands at 6,907, but that number is likely higher because the state lacks enough tests to determine if other people have contracted the virus.  Only two counties have not reported a COVID-19 infection.

In Madison County, 13 people in a nursing facility in Anderson, Ind., have died of COVID-19. The mortality rate there is 6.3 percent of total cases. The state mortality rate is 4.3 percent.  The worst outbreak of COVID-19 across the border from Lake County in Chicago is on the South Side, although it is not clear whether the two hotspots are connected.