CHICAGO (CBS) — The Lake County Sheriff’s Office found a safe and touch way to honor medical workers at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital.

Masks covered their smiles, but it was still clear how happy hospital staff was to see the car parade. Inside the dozens of of cars were the Lake County Sheriff, sheriff’s deputies and first responders. Even judges and state’s attorneys joined in hoping to bring some happiness to staffers working day and night to save lives.

Hospital workers wave as the Lake County Sheriff’s parade goes by to honor them at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. (CBS)

“It’s my 40th anniversary here working,” said Chief Nursing Officer Denise Majeski. “Let me just say I am quite emotional.”

“It reminds you why you’re here, why you left your family,” said emergency room nurse Kait Higgins. “A nice reminder that the community is supporting you.”