By Dorothy Tucker

CHICAGO (CBS) — The IRS boasts that 80 million stimulus payments have already been made. What the agency can’t say is how many people are having problems getting their hands on that promised relief.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker found two men with the same complaint. Their money went into someone else’s account.

Eric Ries was making just enough money to cover his bills and pay child support.

“I’ve go to make sure my kids are alright,” he said.

So confirmation on the IRS website that a stimulus check had been deposited in his account was welcome news. He expected $1,700, but there was one problem.

“The account number ending in 3731 is not my account number. I don’t know whose account number it is,” he said.

Robert Drayton expected a $2,200 stimulus check.

“It’s been hard,” he said. “3374 is not my account number. I don’t know who or where my stimulus package is.”

In Drayton’s case he was laid off last month from his job as a manager at a call center. He has young children and a baby on the way.

“Just the thought of me not working and a have to provide for them, it’s just been hard,” he said.

Both men went to the IRS website looking for answers. They found none that addressed money deposited in the wrong account.

“It doesn’t give you an option to change the account number on there,” Drayton said.

Both called the IRS and got messages apologizing for the inconvenience.

CBS 2 tried calling the IRS too. When a spokesman called back he said other people are having issues with the money going into the wrong account, but no one is available to hear or investigate complaints. He apologized people like Ries and Drayton and asked for their patience.

“I have two cars notes that’s behind,” Drayton said. “I have lights. I have gas. I have water. It’s kind of hard to be patient when you’re in the situation I’m in.”

“Sorry just doesn’t cut it right now,” Ries said.

It seems the IRS is serious about not communicating with the public. There are two places on the website that say “do not call” and “there is no one available to help you.”

Dorothy Tucker