CHICAGO (CBS)– Millions of Social Security beneficiaries are eligible for stimulus payments, but many still have questions as to when and how they’ll get their money.

CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos has some guidance from the IRS.

The IRS has already said Social Security recipients who aren’t typically required to file taxes, do not need to take action. The government will send their payment automatically, by check or direct deposit, how ever you typically get benefits.

Bigos said CBS 2 has heard from several people on Social Security where that isn’t the case.

An example is 75-year-old Terry Simpson. He usually gets his Social Security money by direct deposit, but now the IRS “Get my Payment” page says the agency will mail his check Friday.

This is after multiple failed attempts to enter his direct deposit information.

“I put my direct deposit information in there and clicked next and it said error every time, the four times I tried it,” he said.

Most individuals who receive Social Security or supplemental security income benefits are eligible for full payments under the stimulus guidelines. That’s up to $1,200 for individuals.