CHICAGO (CBS) —   If you’re still waiting for your stimulus check from the IRS, watch out.

A phone number, on the U.S. Treasury website could lead you straight to a scam.

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CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman looking into it after CBS 2 got a tip from a viewer.

The tipster typed in U.S. Treasury and got a website that looks official, then scrolled down for info under “Treasury Checks Questions or Issues.”

That directed him to this number 800-826-9434. And it came up with…

“America’s Hottest Adult Hotline.” Which is certainly not the U.S. Treasury Department.

CBS 2 checked on sites where consumers report scams and found years of complaints about that same phone number being used for all kinds of well known cons designed to steal  your money.

Such as….

“You have complaints that need to be settled”  or “I would be arrested” or “You have won $9000 in grants” and they need your bank account number.

So we decided to call the number that’s listed to see what they said today.

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“We have a special promotion today for select callers. If you over 50, please press one now.”

“I’m over 50,” said Zekman.”

“Thank you for calling the medical alert center. With our promotions today, you have have the opportunity today to get a free medical alert device. Congratulations.”

When asked how it’s free, they hung up. Zekman called again and got the same pitch. She got transferred and pitched another offer, this time for free roadside assistance protection.

Our advice: don’t call that number.

Late Friday afternoon, the U.S. Treasury Department thanked CBS 2 for bringing this to their attention, and fixed the bad number. The agency said “I believe it was an old number.”

If you need information from the U.S. Treasury Department, visit the agency’s website.

After we notified the U.S. Treasury Department about the number posted on its website, a spokesperson thanked us and said it was removed.

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But if that number pops up somewhere else, don’t call it.