CHICAGO (CBS) — In cities across the country, protesters on Saturday came out in support of tenants who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In Chicago, dozens of people took part in the National Day of Car Protests. A caravan drove to the parking lot of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, in Albany Park, where demonstrators demanded a nationwide cancellation of rent payments for all tenants and small businesses, and mortgage payments for all homeowners, small landlords, and small businesses.

“It’s really ridiculous that we’re expected to pay when there’s this many closures. The government can do more, and they choose not to. We can have healthcare, we can have food, we can have education. We’ve learned that before the pandemic. They just don’t want to provide that stuff,” Ana Santoyo said.

The protesters said a moratorium on evictions is not enough protection at a time when so many people are out of work and so many businesses are closed due to the pandemic.

The protesters are also pushing for the government to provide more resources for the homeless and undocumented residents.