By Audrina Bigos

CHICAGO (CBS)– You may not get your stimulus payment when or where the IRS says you’ll get it. In some cases, the money is being deposited into the wrong bank accounts.

The IRS said flight attendant Maria Vega’s money would be deposited on April 15. When it didn’t come, she called the IRS, but her calls wouldn’t go through.

After eight days, she still hadn’t heard anything. She reached out to CBS 2 saying her bank launched an investigation. 

CBS 2 reached out to the IRS on her behalf and then Vega checked the IRS “Get My Payment” site again.  It now says she will be sent a check on May 1.

But when she went to verify, she was given an error message.

An IRS spokesperson wouldn’t answer my specific questions about Vega’s case, but told CBS 2 the agency is getting payments out as soon as possible.

The spokesperson said the most current information is being posted to the website. That’s the best place to get your answers.