CHICAGO (CBS) — The PAWS Pet of the Week is a cat, and her name is Welles.

She is a very low maintenance two-year-old cat who would be a great quarantine buddy. Welles is happy to play independently or with another cat or dog friend.

She is on a lifelong medication to prevent seizures but she takes it with no problem. Welles quiet and well-mannered but her tiny, adorable meow comes out at meal times.

Welles, along with many other adorable dogs and cats, is available for adoption at PAWS Chicago through its virtual adoption process.

You can support PAWS Chicago on Tuesday May 5th during Giving Tuesday now. It’s a global day of giving designed to help support charities during the pandemic.

All donations up to $20,000 on Giving Tuesday now will be matched.

Visit PAWS Chicago online to learn more.