CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. (CBS) — They are sworn to uphold the law and lead by example, but on the first day of Gov. JB Pritzker’s new executive order that extended the stay-at-home period for the coronavirus pandemic, the new leaders of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police were seen in photos together – not wearing masks or social distancing.

CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov wanted an explanation Wednesday.

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Crystal Lake police Chief James Black is all smiles in a photo as he leans in to shake McHenry County Judge Justin Hansen’s hand on Friday, May 1. In normal times, that is not an issue.

But during this pandemic, it is a direct violation of Gov. Pritzker’s executive order requiring masks in public buildings, and social distancing at least six feet.

That photo, and another one, were taken on Friday inside Crystal Lake’s city hall, where Black was sworn in as the new president of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police.

The other chiefs surrounding Black and the judge in the photo are the IACP’s newly-installed officers. No one is wearing a mask, and they are standing just a few feet apart.

The pictures, which were posted on social media, angered a suburban police officer who brought them to Kozlov’s attention.

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Combing through the IACP’s bylaws, it clearly states members are required to “provide leadership by example” and administer agencies within “the policies articulated by their local governing body. State and Federal.”

Kozlov reached out to the IACP and Judge Hansen about the lack of compliance. The judge wrote old habits are hard to break, and he “only meant to show respect” to Chief Black on his accomplishment.

Judge Hansen said he “strongly believes in compliance” and “will make sure moving forward that they are always followed.”

IACP Executive Director Ed Wojcicki cited several steps taken to “abide by the spirit of, and mostly by the letter,” of the governor’s order, including limiting the Crystal Lake City Hall gathering to less than 10 people.

Because City Hall was closed, Wojcicki said he “didn’t believe the mask requirement was pertinent’. He added, “We are learning something new about how to act and react during the crisis, and where we can do better, we will.”

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IACP’s executive director said all of those present Friday did their best to practice social distancing at the event, outside of when they posed for the photo – and they had masks with them.