CHICAGO (CBS)– One man survived a traumatic ordeal, fighting both COVID-19 and pneumonia, and he will be released from the hospital Monday.

Eric Heumann has been at Northwest Community Hospital In Arlington Heights for more than a month now. His family said he’s getting back on his feet.

Dana Reinke said her ex-husband first called her in late March about a high fever. Days later on, April 7, he called 9-1-1  and was rushed to the hospital.

“Everytime the phone would ring our hearts would race,” Reinke said. “We just didn’t have any answers.”

Reinke said he had all the symptoms of COVID-19. He couldn’t smell or taste anything, he had chills and a cough. He eventually tested positive for COVID-19 and bi-lateral pneumonia.

Reinke said he was fully sedated and on a ventilator for 17 days.

“Words cannot explain the emotion and stress that we’ve been under these past several weeks, minute-to-minute actually,” she said.

Reinke said Heumann is getting back on his feet and after testing negative twice.