CHICAGO (CBS)– A program meant to deliver groceries to vulnerable community members in the South Shore neighborhood begins Tuesday.

The South Shore community has been hit hard by COVID-19 and there is a need for a delivery service.

Eva Jakubowski, the co-owner and founder of Local Market, a grocery store in South Shore, said there is a “very real need for a delivery service in this area.” She said she’s tried over and over, but still can’t get Instacart to do deliveries in the neighborhood.

That means during the novel coronavirus pandemic, many vulnerable residents have no option but to physically go to a grocery store to buy food.

“When the pandemic broke out, you saw that people were truly suffering,” Jakubowski said.

Amena Karim, with the City of Chicago, is working to address the resource inequity in this community.

“So, the plan is that we’re going to feed 1,000 families in South Shore, and the plan is to ensure that we have these designated areas that is representative of South Shore,” she said.

The food campaign is called Feeding the South Shore, the city’s Special Service Area (SSA 42) for the neighborhood provides the funding. Every Tuesday starting May 12 through June 2, local markets will deliver bags over fresh groceries to more than 1000 at risk residents including seniors, low income families and students free of charge.

The deliveries will begin at O’Keefe Elementary School later Tuesday.

Even though they don’t do deliveries with Local Market, Instacart says they serve other retailers in the area including ALDI and Pete’s Fresh Market.