CHICAGO (CBS) — A mysterious illness in children linked to the coronavirus has already sickened dozens of children in six states, including Illinois.

It’s now being blamed for the deaths of three children in New York. But a suburban mom, whose son became seriously ill, said her son had the same symptoms.

“It hit so quick. It was like one minute he was fine and the next minute, it’s like he woke up with this weird, strange fever.”

Sara Garcia said her son Nolan’s health went downhill fast earlier this month. At one point, his fever almost reached 105 degrees. Doctors told her Nolan’s coronary arteries were enlarged.

Hours later, Nolan tested positive for COVID-19.  He is one of more than 130 reported cases of pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome in the U.S.

In many cases, children did not have respiratory issues. Instead experiencing abdominal symptoms, change in skin color or chest pain.

Kids can get sick quickly with this illness, so if you notice any symptoms, the hospital is your best resource to help them get better.