CHICAGO (CBS) — The total number of Hoosiers who have died from COVID-19 now stands at 1,678 and continues to hit older residents hardest, including 732 deaths at long-term care facilities.

A total of 75 percent of the deaths statewide were patients over the age of 70. The death toll does not include another 146 cases in which COVID-19 was the probable cause. The state is reporting a positivity rate of 15 percent of COVID-19 tests, or 28,705 cases. The daily number of cases are off the highs of a few weeks ago, but have also flattened at around 500 cases a day in recent days.

In the hard-hit area of Indianapolis, there were 16 more deaths reported, for a total of 497. The Marion County area added 145 more positive cases for a total of 8,541. Closer to Chicago, in Lake County, there were four more reported deaths (144 total) and 61 more cases (2,941 total). Lake just reopened restaurants and malls this week and remains the hardest hit area in the state outside of Indianapolis. The increases in cases in Porter and LaPorte counties were small–seven more cases (412 total) and one death (13 total) in Porter and two more cases (360 cases) and no deaths (16 total) in LaPorte.

Statewide, there are still 40 percent of ICU beds available to treat any COVID-19 patients who become seriously ill in the event of a surge in cases as stay at home restirictions are eased. The state has 80 percent of its ventilators available.