By Eric Cox

CHICAGO (CBS)– Flood water is causing problems all over the area.

The Fox River is still rising, turning a northwest suburban couple’s dream home into a disaster. The worst could still be ahead.

The latest rain from Sunday hasn’t even made it to their house yet, but the next 48 hours are crucial with another four inches of water expected to come their way.

Eddie Claudio and Kristin Pruter spent Monday setting up sand bags around their soaked property. The couple and their two kids just moved into what they thought was their dream home back in October.

But after Sunday’s rainfall, their backyard looks more like a babbling brook. The water has already flooded their basement.

They do have flood insurance, but the deductible is $5,000 and it only covers structural damage, not items lost. The family says FEMA did come out, but they were told they can’t be helped until the damage is done.

As they try protecting their first floor, the couple also says they’re working on contacting real estate lawyers.