CHICAGO (CBS) — Torrential rain overwhelmed the sewer system in the Village of Hampshire in Kane County Saturday.

It happened just hours after the farmers’ market had wrapped up for the day, flooding streets where vendors had been.

Justin Fulbright watched the storm roll into Hampshire just a little bit to the west. He didn’t see any tornados but still said it was pretty intense.

“Well the rain was coming down by the bucket fulls,” he said. “The wind was blowing, so everything was just kind of blowing right in through our windows and almost couldn’t see across the street.”

Runoff from Coon Creek swelled over its banks and right onto the intersection of Route 72 and State Street.

While plenty of people were driving through the flooded intersection, a young man decided to check out the damage from a raft.

“The water had nowhere to go,” said Fulbright. “Everything has just swelled up. Now we have a little pond where our creek used to be.”