By Steven Graves

CHICAGO (CBS) — Looting is still happening today around Chicago.

It comes after two days of similar attacks on businesses in many neighborhoods.

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CBS 2’s Steven Graves has more from Kenwood where neighbors took a stand against the destruction.

They took that stand with brooms and shovels in hand. You couldn’t drive around this area without seeing groups of people cleaning up the debris. Many said these acts won’t define their neighborhood.

Debbie Buggs loves her shopping center off East 47th Street in Kenwood.

“I shop here. I bank at the city bank. I shop at Walgreens,” Buggs said.

So you can imagine the pain when she saw stores decimated at the hands of looters.

“I couldn’t just sit at home and watch the news. I had to get out and do something.”

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Her “something” was getting out with a broom from home.

“Sweeping the glass, I feel like I’m sweeping away some of the bad spirits,” she said.

From 47th to Garfield and Racine, and many more blocks with destruction, the devastating sights slowly turned into ones of hope.

“We love our community we put our all into our community.”

A group of men and women understands the frustration and anger of their black brothers and sisters during this time when it’s warranted.

“But what you’ve done with your frustration and anger is that you’ve literally dried up everything now that we have access to,” said one resident. “What happens when your mom gets sick because you tore up the CVS? What happens when you get sick? What happens when you need food to eat? So the question I have to those individuals, who decided to do this is ‘now what?'”

And for now, for these neighbors and life long residents, it’s about taking back what’s theirs.

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“We’re not going anywhere. And we’re going to take care of what’s ours.”