CHICAGO (CBS)–  After a weekend unrest following protests surrounding the death of George Floyd, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot addressed the damage left throughout the city and what will done for cleanup efforts.

“I know that many Chicago people are feeling like I am which is weary and uncertain. We will get through this because we must and we can. We have the strength as individuals and as a city to rose above this moment and push forward,” Lightfoot said.

The mayor denied that resources and law enforcement covered one part of the city, leaving places, particularly on the south and west sides, without support.

“Your life’s work went into developing these businesses and commercial centers. I know that for many of you, your blood, sweat and tears went into recruiting businesses to come support the vibrancy of your communities. And I want you to hear from me, not only do I know that I will be your partner in rebuilding,” Lightfoot said. “I know some of them were challenging for people. but I also have hope today on how we will move forward and heal as a city together.”

She said the looting was widespread and the city responded to many 911 and other emergency-related calls. Lightfoot added that reports of abuse from the Chicago Police Department will not be tolerated.

“I will not abandon our values around police accountability and holding police officers responsible. They have said it multiple times, now is the time to double down on the training around constitutional policing and understanding that respectful constitutional engagement with the people. If someone has crossed the line, we will hold them accountable, even in this moment, no excuses,” Lightfoot said.

Chicago Police Superintended David Brown said hundreds were arrested throughout the city, mostly for looting on Sunday.

“There were 699 arrests just yesterday, primarily for looting in our city. Of those 699, 461 arrests were on the South and West side. Over 64 guns were recovered,” Brown said. He added over 130 CPD officers were injured.

“There were 48 shootings, and 17 lives lost in the homicide violence just on yesterday,” Brown said. He too denied that CPD was not visible in those areas.

“I watched these looters strategically looting in one area only to try to  flank our officers and hit the target they intended. There was an electronics store on the corner and this strategy was used by a crowd who came up intending to destroy the facility and burn the building. Our line officers held the backside of the headquarters for a larger crowd that wanted to get into our police headquarters. Looters do one thing to draw us one direction only for the purpose to distract us from the intended target from another area. Some of the intended targets were our officers we had an officer who had a heart attack yesterday,” he said.

The mayor said the department of streets and sanitation will be working 12-hour shifts for cleanup efforts throughout the city for the foreseeable future.

“We have a lot to do to heal for wrongs and we will do that together. We need to confront and reconcile this anguish. I promise you, we will heal in Chicago.”

This is a developing story.